Don’t forget that on Friday we have our annual year six Bring and Buy Sale.  Our year six children are busy organising and getting ready for the big event.

But we can’t run it without you, so if you can, please kindly donate suitable games, toys, etc., that are in good condition.  We will also have competitions on some of the stalls.

The stall prices will be 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2.  The toys will be for ages 4-11 years.

The money raised will be given to  charity for a good cause.  Children are allowed to bring up to £5 to spend at the Bring and Buy Sale.

We hope you will support us with this event.

Please have a good sort out .  You could donate:-

Cuddly toys and dolls / action figures

  • Puzzles and board games (please make sure that they are complete)
  • Trading cards
  • Books and comics
  • Films and CDs
  • Toy cars

We look forward to receiving your donations by Thursday 28th February in order for the team to get everything ready for Friday.

Thank you.