St Francis’ Reading Week 2014 was a wonderful success.   Guest author, Ian MacDonald spent a whole day in school sharing some of his books and inspiring our young readers with presentations and workshops. Throughout the week teachers enthusiastically engaged their classes in activities which continue the development of our whole school passion for reading. Children listened to stories, re-enacted stories, dressed up as their favourite book characters, as did the teachers. Everyone got to explore our library and many of our parents came to school on the Friday morning to read with their children and were invited to stay for our Poetry Recital Assembly.

We combined our dress up as book characters day with Children in Need Day and have raised £350.  Thank you to everyone for making the day so special.

A special thank you to Mrs. Frost for organising the week and ensuring the children celebrated all aspects of reading in exciting and innovative ways.


All children took part in poetry recital during the week….   Listen to a selection of the recitals by clicking on the tracks below:


The Snowman recited by Luke, Year 2

Poor Cinderella By Ken Nesbitt introduced by Paul and recited by Elizabeth, Year 2

Ning Nang Nong By Spike Milligan sung by Sydney, Year 3

Math My Way By Carol Diggory Shields sung by Faith and Angelica, Year 3

Little Things By Julia Carney recited by Eden, Year 4

A name acrostic poem by James, introduced by Oscar and receited by James, Year 4

Spaghetti! Spaghetti! by By Jack Prelutsky recited by Rhiannon and Isadora, Year 5

The Boneyard Rap By Wes Magee rapped by Clark, John, Jonathan, Daniel and Xander, Year 5

The Chimney Boy’s Story by Wes Magee recited by Katie, Year 6

Cakes In The Staffroom by Brian Moses recited by Grace, Year 6

Where Do All The Teachers Go? by Peter Dixon recited by Lucy, Year 6

Poem written by Eleanor in year 6 during our fantastic reading week….

Today is the day
To dry a child’s tears
Give a little, save a lot
Pudsey Day is here

So many children
Cry each and every night
As illness suffocates them
They cannot see the light

Homelessness, abuse
Bullying and fights
This must not continue
Those children have rights

Please find it in your heart
On their behalf I now plead
Just give anything you can
For Children In Need