This term in Saint Francis we are celebrating New Life. In Early Years we have a big surprise for the children. To explore the wonders of new life with a first hand experience, Saint Francis have temporarily adopted 7 chicken eggs to hatch and care for. We have had a visit from ‘Incredible Eggs’, a farm in Kent who rent out hatching kits to organisations such as schools and nurseries.

The Final Week

The chicks returned to their loving home in Saint Lucy’s class all plump and fluffy and ready for action. We were so egg-static to find out that we were able to get them out of the brooding centre and stroke, hold and feed them. We are very happy to announce that we have found a new home for our fluffy family to be adopted. They are now happily settled into Miss Holland’s family farm, meeting their new family members alongside another group of young chicks. Miss Holland will be sending in regular updates and photos to keep us in touch with our babies. Our first good news being that they had met a hatch of ducklings and snuggled up at night sleeping together.

Thank you for everyone who helped us through this journey. Children throughout the whole school have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience that is not very common to have witnessed or be such a key part in. We wish them well in their new environment.

Bank Holiday Weekend

A fantastic end to the week, our final chick hatched just in time for the Celebration Assembly! We were fortunate enough to have a video link in the hall for all of the school to witness the egg-citing event of Rosie starting her new life and hatching in the incubator. She was met to a huge round of applause by the children following their amazement at sharing such an experience.

Due to being a Bank Holiday Weekend, we are unable to leave the chicks alone in the school for three days. Mrs Hibbert very kindly offered to become a chick sitter for the weekend and continue their loving care from Saint Lucy’s Class at her home. She thoroughly enjoyed bonding with and caring for the school chicks.


Day Four and Five

We are so happy to announce that we have four chicks to add to the Saint Francis community. The children were very excited to find that Sammie had been joined over-night by Jojo and Donald in the hatching incubator! Our fluffy family was soon growing! We had to make sure they were big enough, strong enough and fluffy enough to be transferred into the brooding centre. After a few hours and with a lot of little pairs of eyes watching, the chicks were moved into their new home. We are now in charge of feeding the chicks, giving them fresh water and changing their bedding and straw in the brooding centre. We hope they will be very happy in our Saint Lucy family and will be introducing them to the rest of the school for a cuddle soon.

Day Three

Today was the day! The first sign of movement in the Saint Lucy hatching unit. When we arrived at school in the morning we noticed a hole in one of the eggs with a small bit of fluff trying to push. We kept checking on it all morning, constantly having someone on ‘chick watch’.

Around break time news had got out that the chick was making a break for it and had formed a crack running all round the egg. Suddenly with a few strong kicks and a big audience, Sammie the first chick was born. Everyone has had the most amazing day coming to visit Sammie and keeping her company while we wait for the other eggs. She is a very noisy and lively member of the class and fits in just fine! We can’t wait to expand our group further and are waiting with bated breath to see what tomorrow brings!

Day One

Simon from Incredible Eggs came to Saint Francis on Tuesday 1st May with an exciting delivery. Saint Lucy could barely contain their excitement. Simon showed us all the eggs he had brought and explained they were all different colours because we will be hatching four different breeds of chicken. He built us an incubator and a brooding centre and taught us why the eggs need to be left alone for the first stage of hatching.

We have written our own Class Rules for looking after the eggs.  We learnt that the eggs need their mummy chicken to sit on them to help them hatch but Miss Young didn’t think it was a good idea for us to sit on them! So it is very important to keep the eggs in their incubator to keep them warm instead.

Simon then taught the grown ups how to care for the chicks once they are hatched. We are in charge of feeding them, giving them fresh water and cleaning out their brooding centre and can’t wait to help!

Finally Simon showed us the correct way to pick up and handle the chicks ready for when they are big enough to come out and play with us.


We cannot wait for this journey and will keep you updated on each stage! Keep following for more eggsiting updates!

Saint Lucy and Saint Ann