Hello, we are your School Council and we have been chosen by the children from each class to represent them on the school council from the Reception Classes to Year Six.

School council meetings take place weekly and we will listen to your ideas and try to help make decisions to improve and transform our school to a better and safe place for everyone.


Class Council Representatives 2018-2019

Pupil Leadership Team 2018-2019

Pupil Voice – May 2017



Responsible Parking Initiative

On Wednesday 14th January Mrs Martin accompanied three of our school council members into the car-park and surrounding area, to observe the traffic movement around our school.  The children issued three tickets to cars parked irresponsibly in areas where children could come to danger.

Tia said, “Yesterday we gave Responsible Parking tickets out to cars that were parked in wrong places, to help keep the children safe.”

We first went outside the building and school gate and saw a white car parked in the yellow no parking zone.  “I put a ticket on to the windscreen of the car” said James.

Kym said, “Two cars, a taxi and a family car were parked in the centre of the school car park.  We gave them a ticket and explained that we needed children to be able to get through to their cars and be safe.


School Council News – November 2014

Charity Event – 24th October


Hi, my name is James and I am a member of the School Council.
I would like to raise money for cancer research; it has been just over a year since my mum died of cancer. My aim is to raise at least £150 but I won’t be disappointed if we don’t reach this target. If you can please help me raise money for cancer research I would be so grateful. You get to wear home-clothes next Friday October 24th and donate £1 or more if you want. Pink/purple and blue colours would be the best as they are the main colours for cancer research UK. Thank you for reading this and I would love it if you would all do your best to help with this great cause.


I would like to thank you all for supporting me by donating so
generously to raise money for cancer research.
You have helped me to raise £575!


Maidstone Launch of KM Green Champions

On 22nd October we attended the launch of KM Green Champions at Maidstone Borough Council chambers and quizzed a panel on how walk to school schemes can help to protect the environment.

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