School Uniform

At St Francis we believe that school uniform helps to develop the sense of belonging and being part of our faith community and prevents conflict over the suitability or otherwise of clothing for school.

It is the policy of the school that pupils should wear the correct uniform at all times unless otherwise directed by the head teacher – all items of clothing should be marked with your child’s name.

St Francis Jumper
St Francis Sweat Cardigan
St Francis Book Bag
St Francis Summer Polo 2

White school shirt or blouse

School Tie

Brown Skirt or pinafore of standard length

White or brown socks or grey or brown tights appropriate for everyday school wear

Brown V neck cardigan or V neck jumper with St Francis’ logo

Summer dresses (yellow gingham check)

Yellow polo-shirts may be worn in the summer term only

Black school shoes (flat heels only) – no trainers

Grey Trousers  (optional – in winter)

White school shirt

School Tie

Yellow polo-shirts may be worn in the summer term only

Grey trousers

Brown V-neck jumper with St Francis’ logo. Grey or black socks

Black school shoes (flat heels only) – no trainers

All pupils require the correct PE kit consisting of:

Black plimsolls

Black shorts (no cycling shorts please!)

Yellow T-shirt – with St-Francis’ logo

PE kit must be kept in a St. Francis PE bag

Black/white trainers for KS2 outdoor sport

Dark plain tracksuits permissible in winter

Sunhats are optional


A suitable outdoor coat should be worn in winter.

No open toe sandals are allowed due to health and safety reasons. No trainers.



No fashion statements or extreme cuts i.e. any colourant, highlights or gel.

Long hair must have it tied back – discreet hair bands only please! No large hair ties or bows are allowed.

Jewellery – Only watches and stud earrings which must be removed for PE/Swimming – this is for health and safety reasons.


Please note:

School bags will not be required in school. PE/swimming bags and book-carriers are available for purchase from Pages.

Our uniforms are available at Pages