Why is homework valuable?

At St Francis, homework is valued as an opportunity for children, parents and teachers to build a shared responsibility for learning.

We believe that homework can:

  • help children develop a sense of curiosity in the world around them
  • enable children to consolidate and reinforce their skills and understanding
  • encourage children to develop the independence, resilience and self-discipline needed to study on their own,
  • build an effective partnership between home and school,
  • enable parents to be involved in their child’s education,
  • exploit resources for learning that may not be available in school,
  • prepare older children for secondary school.

How can you help your child?

Parents and carers have an important part to play in ensuring that homework supports their child’s learning and development. By supporting their child with homework parents can have a significant impact on progress.  You can help by talking to your child about their homework, visiting the library with your child, sharing ideas about how to present homework and what resources they could use to complete tasks.

Parents will have the opportunity to celebrate the children’s learning at the end of each term when homework will be displayed for all to enjoy.