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Summer Club

Summer Club

St Francis Primary School are proud to offer a summer club, to help parents struggling to find affordable childcare over the long Summer break.

The club runs for two weeks and the children are divided into small groups, with a structured timetable that includes both indoor and outdoor sports activities, arts and crafts, time in the Computer science room and films in the afternoon.

There’s a small payment and in return we provide school staff the children are familiar with, in a setting they’re confident in and healthy snacks of fruit and vegetables for the morning and afternoon.

Please complete the application form and hand it to the office if you’re interested in a place.

If you wish to apply for a holiday club place, school will require a deposit of £5 per day, per child, accompanied with your application form, by Wednesday, 19th June 2019. You will be informed whether your child/children have been allocated a place by Friday 21st June 2019.
E.g. If you have 2 children and require 2 full weeks, a deposit of £100 will be required.
The remaining balance will be in 2 equal instalments no later than Thursday, 27th June, and Thursday, 11th July 2019.


For more information Contact Us.