Dear Parents and Carers,

Don’t forget to attend our next Parent Forum which will be held on Thursday 16th May at 2pm.   All parents are invited to attend the forum and to put forward items for discussion. Members of the leadership team will attend to answer any questions/concerns. Items for discussion should be sent to the school office no later than 9th May.

We will be covering responses to questions put during the first meeting.

Please ensure you read and follow the protocol.


To work together for the good of our children, ensuring that they all have the best possible education, make the best possible progress and have fun.


This time together should be a positive experience with the aim at the forefront of all discussions. Discussions should be kept general and non specific to individual children, parents, staff and governors. We should remain respectful at all times to each other

If you would like to raise a general item please email the office at no later than Thursday 9th May to ensure inclusion on the agenda.

We look forward to seeing you at the forum.

Elisabeth Blanden