Dear Parents and Carers,

Until relatively recently a Parent Drop in session was held at St Francis each seasonal term to enable parents to raise any general issues they had, to celebrate successes and make suggestions to support continuous improvement across the school.  Subjects such as school dinners, parking, school uniform, behaviour and pupil premium were all raised at various times.

Unfortunately these drop in sessions were not well attended and the decision was made to stop holding them.  After some discussion with various stakeholders and to support communication we are planning to introduce a more formal termly Parent Forum.  All parents are invited to attend the forum and to put forward items for discussion. Members of the leadership team will attend to answer any questions/concerns. Items for discussion should be sent to the school office no later than one week prior to each meeting – a reminder will be sent out to parents nearer the time of each forum.

Anyone attending a forum should ensure they meet the aim and protocol below.



To work together for the good of our children, ensuring that they all have the best possible education, make the best possible progress and have fun.


This time together should be a positive experience with the aim at the forefront of all discussions.

Discussions should be kept general and non specific to individual children, parents, staff and governors.

We should remain respectful at all times to each other.

Our first forum will be held at 9am on Tuesday 26th March and last approximately 45 minutes.  If you would like to raise a general item please email the office at no later than Tuesday 19th March to ensure inclusion on the agenda.

We look forward to seeing you at our first forum.

E Blanden