Thank you to all our children and parents for their tremendous efforts to make it a truly excellent maths week here at St Francis.

The children have experienced the importance of how much maths is part of all our daily lives. We celebrated a variety of maths experiences and challenges inside and outside the classroom.

“Bring your parents to calculate” was well supported across the school.  Parents and children took part in a variety of problem solving challenges enjoyed by all.

“Maths dress up day” saw a number of accountants, doctors, nurses, carpenters, rubik cubes, dice, dominoes, Father Time, Pythagoras, technicians, teachers arriving in school.

“St Francis Maths University Challenge” – the first ever whole school maths quiz!  The qualifying heats took place in all classes on the Friday morning.  The finalists from Year R to Year 6 represented their houses with support from their house teams in the audience in the afternoon helping their house to gain crucial bonus points.  The engraved St Francis Maths University Challenge cup will be presented to the winners in our final celebration assembly of this term on Friday 22nd May.  The rounds were fiercely contested with fingers on the buzzers as Mrs Williams and Mrs Blanden asked the questions.  Members of staff keenly supported their respective houses for the afternoon whilst keeping account of the scores for each round.

Visitors to our school included firefighters, a chartered surveyor, a retired telecommunications director, the chairman of Maidstone United Football Club, a hospital administrator and a retired teacher.  Together they shared with the children how important maths is in the work place through interactive presentations and field work.

Thank you to Mr Godden, Mr Ashton, Mr Cooper (Governors at St Francis School) Mr Martin-Royle and Mrs Davey for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and share their experiences of maths in the workplace with our pupils. Thank you also to Mr Casey for organising the visits for years 3 and 4 to the Gallagher Stadium and to Mr Ryan who organised for the Kent Fire Brigade to visit Early Years and KS1.

Mrs P Williams
Maths Co-ordinator


Early Years


Anna  “I loved learning to count in French.”
We hunted for matching symbols and numbers.
Alex G.  “There are 7 colours in a rainbow.”
Chinazam  “Domino fun!”
Eva-Mae  “I can make the Bee Bot move left and right and up and down.”
Lee  “The purple car was first and the yellow car was second.”
Bring your parent to school Bring your parent to school
Bring your parent to school Bring your parent to school
We enjoyed problem solving with our parents!


Year One

Cameron:  “I liked the quiz because I represented my house.”

Ciara:  “I liked measuring the milk.”

Daisy   “I liked it when all the mummies and daddies came to help us with our maths.”


Teddy  “I enjoyed completing the maths problems with the parents.”

Malachy   “Everything was so good I can’t think of one thing.”

Quiz Leo and Nadithya  “We liked the quiz.”


Ellie  “I liked the quiz.”


Oscar C.  “I liked doing the quizzes.”

Bring your parent to school George  “Sorting out the problems with my Mummy.”
Oscar S.  “Helping to solve the problems with my friends.” Solve problems with friends

Year Two

Fire truck Ceira  “I liked the last day of maths week because we got to dress up as a maths character.  We sat in a fire truck and used the hoses to fill the buckets.”
Paul M.  “My favourite part in maths week was when we took part in the quiz and when we went to see the fire truck and had to fill the buckets using the hoses.  Mrs Hawkes dressed up as Father TimeI dressed up as a maths teacher.” All aboard
Buckets Elsie  “I enjoyed when we went on the firemen’s truck.  We knocked over the buckets with water!”
Paul B   “My favourite part was on Thursday and Friday because on Thursday we got to go into a fire engine.  We also got to fill buckets up.  We did it as a race with four people and we sprayed water with a long fire hose at buckets.  On Friday we dressed up as a maths character.  I went as Pythagoras and I also liked the maths quiz.” Squirting
Ruby: “On Friday Mrs Hawkes dressed up as Father Time which was funny!” Elizabeth   “What I enjoyed about maths week was dressing up as a maths character.  I came in with a t-shirt saying ‘Don’t get mad just add’.

Mrs Hawkes came in as Old Father Time.”

Antonina  “What I enjoyed about maths week was dressing up as a maths character. “
Filling buckets Filling buckets
Fire truck Fire truck

Year Three

On math’s week we went to the football stadium.  We had to go and find out how many shapes we could find on the pitch.  We had to estimate how many seats there were in the stadium.  I thought there were 2000.  We walked around it and we saw a wall with names on, and Ophelia said she saw her dad’s name up there.  We went onto the pitch and  measured the white line by counting in footsteps.  We also estimated how many footsteps it took from the entrance to the football pitch.  We did some calculations and multiplied using the expanded written method.    Abby
In maths week on Friday we dressed up as something you would use in maths.  Some people dressed up as a maths teacher.  Some people dressed as a domino.  I enjoyed it because we had a maths quiz and our work was such fun that it didn’t feel like work.  I loved it!   Lily 

Year Four

Bruna   “I enjoyed calculating decimals.
James   “I was amazed how big the stadium was, which gave us the opportunity to explore and answer questions.


David   “I enjoyed the quiz because it incorporated problems to solve around the stadium.”

measuring Leah  “I enjoyed it when we did activities at the Gallagher Stadium.  I enjoyed it when we had to dress up as a maths character!  I also enjoyed it when we mixed food colouring to find different ways of making 478 ml.  I ENJOYED EVERYTHING!”
Arpitha  “I enjoyed going to the football stadium.     We measured the ground and estimated how many chairs there was.  Also it was fun when the parents came and we made shapes.”
Angelina  “The best thing I liked about maths week was going to the football stadium because you got to pair up with your friend.  I chose Arpitha.  When we got there we did lots of measuring and used our knowledge to solve the different challenges.”
Kent   “My favourite part of the week was going to the Maidstone Football Stadium and answering questions on our board pad. I enjoyed doing capacity in maths week and measuring 476ml as well as enjoying the house quiz competition in the hall.” measuring

Year Five

During maths week year five got a visit from a chartered surveyor.  His name was Mr Godden.  We learnt how to measure using mathematical equipment.  One of the activities was using a ‘surveyor’s telescope.’  Another activity was counting flower beds and measuring them too.  However my favourite thing was learning the Pythagoras theorem which means in a triangle there is 180 degrees.  We asked Mr Godden lots of questions, one of which was “When did you become a surveyor?”
He replied, “After eight years of training!”  I really enjoyed his visit.     Rhiannon
surveyor surveyor
I was very excited when Mr Godden, the chartered surveyor came into our class last week.  During Mr Godden’s visit we asked him a couple of questions involving how he measured buildings and how he measured height.  We worked outside with the equipment in groups.  Reuben, John and Xander were in my group and the first thing we did was look through a telescope and measure the bank.  The next activity was to  measure a plank of wood and to calculate how many planks would  be needed to go over the bank.  For the final activity we had to make a 180 degree triangle and it had to measure 12 metres in total with one side 5 metres, one side 4 metres and another side 3 metres.     Etienne
measuring measuring
On maths week, a chartered surveyor came to our school.  His name was Mr Godden.  We went into the playground with him to do some activities.  In my group the first activity we did was flower bed counting.   We wanted to find out how many flower beds we would need for the junior playground.  Our answer was 29.9 m.  Next, we went investigated the Pythagoras triangle.  We had to make a triangle using a measuring tape and 3 measuring sticks.  The triangle sides were 3m, 4m, 5m and altogether it equalled 12m.  The last task involved using a telescope to measure the level of the floor.  My favourite task overall was the Pythagoras triangle because I like measuring.    Isadora
calculating surveyor

Year Six

I found maths week great fun.  We learned more about probability and ratio with games that taught us lots.  We learned that maths helps every day but we don’t even realise.  All year groups got a visit from somebody that uses/used maths in a working environment.  Year 6’s visitor was a mathematical genius!  His name was Mr Royle and he helped with the Apollo 13 mission.    Grace
Maths visitor Maths visitor
Maths Visitor Maths visitor
maths maths
I found maths week very interesting because we did many fun activities.  One of my favourite activities was the University Challenge in our house teams.   It was competitive and great fun as was the whole of maths week.     Sharon
Quiz Quiz
Quiz Quiz
The visitors who came to school were very interesting and the University Challenge was an experience I’ll never forget.  All our class work was very interactive and was great fun.    Thomas R