Our last week, entitled ‘Diversity Week’, was very exiting indeed! We all had so much fun learning about, experiencing and appreciating our similarities and differences in many different ways.

Throughout the week we focussed on four main questions:

  1. What makes me ME? (who am I?)
  2. Who are we?
  1. Where do we live?
  2. How do we live together?

These questions helped the children to explore their own identity as well as learn about others. Our activities were anchored in Christian and British Values, such as ‘equality’, ‘tolerance’, ‘mutual respect’, ‘humility’, ‘truth’, or ‘forgiveness’ which provided great opportunities for us to reflect on the deeper meaning of these values.

We were totally overwhelmed by the wonderful support of St Francis’ families who volunteered to make this week a truly memorable one by visiting the classrooms and sharing their life experiences, culture, talents and hobbies with us.

To name a few activities, the children had a unique chance to see and try some Irish, Indian or Hungarian dancing; they were taught basic words in various languages, for example Gaelic, Italian, Russian, Polish or Czech; a Paralympic coach Tom Middleton shared his life story and lead the children in a session of Sitting Volleyball, followed by meaningful discussion on disability, tolerance and inclusion. We also heard a traditional Japanese and Punjabi story as well as learnt how to do Manga – Japanese art of Cartooning.

On Thursday the school hall was buzzing with excitement as our children had a taste of various countries from around the world. Thank you for the great effort to those parents who made the morning so special, preparing the stalls, dressing in their traditional costumes, cooking their typical dishes and sharing so much about their culture and country.

‘GOD’S LOVE’ was the RE ‘Wednesday word’ for last week and it fitted in perfectly as we keep experiencing it tangibly in so many different ways. The whole week was a wonderful celebration of St Francis diverse community and the uniqueness of each of us. We are indeed all very special through one another and through God.


Promoting British Values at St Francis Catholic Primary School