Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a breakfast club?

Yes we do.

The Breakfast Club – a good way to start the morning. Since September 2005 we have successfully run a breakfast club on the school premises. It is open to all St. Francis’ children.

The aim is to provide a safe place for the children to be before school begins and to ensure that they have a choice of food to enable them to start the day well.

The breakfast club is open from 7.30 in the morning until 8.45 am. Breakfast includes cereals, toast, crumpets, baked beans, fresh fruit, fresh orange juice and milk.

There is a charge of £3.00 per day for this service. Children are fully supervised during breakfast club hours and are escorted to the playground at 8.45 am.

Breakfast Club Policy and Application Form Please telephone Mrs Corley on 01622 771540 for any enquiries.

Do you have a reward system? Do you have teams or houses?

Every Friday morning at St. Francis’ School we hold a Praise Assembly for the whole school to celebrate the week gone by. This is an opportunity for children to be awarded the ‘Golden Tie’ for the week for great effort in their work, good manners, positive attitude towards one another etc.

We also find out which of the four houses – which the children are assigned to in Key Stage 2 – has won that week’s Housepoint Competition. The four houses are St Theresa Benedicta House, St Alphonsa House, St Martin de Porres House and St Maximilian Kolbe House – each one of course named after a special saint.

Do you have a school nurse?

We are extremely fortunate to have a very supportive School Nurse Service. Parents and carers are provided with opportunities to make the most of our ‘School Nurse Drop-in Service’ at least six times a year. No appointment needs to be made for this facility – information regarding dates of the Drop-in is provided in the weekly newsletter.

Do you participate in a milk scheme within the school and what is the cost if you do?

There is a milk scheme which is available to all children at a cost of approximately 22p per day with free milk for children under five.

How can I be more involved with “The Friends”?

In so many ways! Volunteer at any event, collect items needed to run events, speak to local organisations to arrange raffle prizes or sponsorship, arrange craft activities with and for the children, hold a stall at Fairs, chaperone discos, the list goes on. The best thing to do is come along to a meeting and find out how things are done and find the way that best suits you.

How can I contact “The Friends” committee?

By any of the ways below or just come and find us. Text – 07772056308 Email – Facebook – search “Friends of St Francis – Maidstone”

How long is the school day?

The school day runs from 8:45 am when the gate is opened by the Head Teacher – if absent, a member of the Senior Management Team.

At 8:55 am the day begins. There is a morning break at 10:30 – 10:50 am. Lunch break for Early Years is from 11:45 to 1:05 pm, lunch break for KS1 is from 12:00 to 1:05 pm and lunch break for KS2 is from 12:15 pm – 1:05 pm.

The end of the school day for Early Years and KS1 is 3:00 pm and 3:15 pm for KS2.


I have an idea for an event for 'The Friends' that I would love to see run, what can I do?

Speak to a member of the committee and / or come along to a meeting so that we can work with The School to find a way to make it all work for the best.

What after school clubs are available and for what ages?

There is a wide range of clubs available. Please look in the ‘Clubs’ section of the website for Clubs and Activities.

What are the drop-off and pick-up procedures?

We are very fortunate to have a drop off zone in the staff carpark. Very few schools have this off-street facility. Whilst this helps to lessen some of the congestion in Queens Road, all users need to be aware that both before and after school is an extremely busy and potentially dangerous time. Hence we must take care in ensuring that all drivers and pedestrians act and/or drive safely.

For the safety of ourselves, our pupils, our neighbours and all who use Queens Road, nearby streets and/or the school’s drop-off zone, the following reminders are given:-

•Please do not park in a no standing area or across a local resident’s driveway.
•Please do not stop on a school crossing and/or drive over the crossing whilst the crossing supervisor or any pedestrian is on the crossing.
•If you are parallel parking in a designated spot, please don’t take up a car and a half position, be mindful of sharing the available parking space if more than one car can fit.

Using the school’s drop off zone
•The school’s drop off zone is only a 1-2 minute parking spot.
•When your car pulls alongside the footpath, this is when children need to get out of the car.
•Children are to get out of the car on the pavement side.
•Make sure your child has their bag ready so that they can get out of the car quickly. Stopping to get bags out of the boot, put coats on etc. slows the traffic down and adds to congestion.
•Parking in the drop off zone through the day is not permitted.

Pick up procedure
•At pick up time, drivers are expected to park their cars and collect their children by foot.
•At times, for safety and organisational reasons, the drop off zone will be temporarily closed owing to the arrival / departure of buses (eg. excursions, sport). Where practicable, prior notice will be given.

What do I do if my child is late for school?

If you arrive after the gate has closed at 8:55 am, please report to the office for your child to be signed into the late book and then your child can go straight to class.

What educational visits do the children take part in and are there any residential visits?

In the early years trips tend to be closer to home but as our children grow older trips further a field occur. In Year 6 the children have a week long residential visit. For further information please view ‘Potential Costs for School Activities’ .

What food is available at breaktime and lunch?

In the infant classes children are provided with fresh fruit at breaktime. A tuck shop is provided for the junior classes. Children are encouraged to bring their own fruit or plain biscuit. There is an option to have milk.

Hot Lunches
Money to be paid each Monday morning in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and the amount enclosed written on it. Price: £2.10 per day. Please look in the ‘Site Pages’ section of the website for the Dinner Menu. Payment may also be made by cheque at the beginning of each term, payable to St. Francis’ School.

Packed Lunches
Children may bring a packed lunch. It must be in a lunch box. No glass bottles, cans or vacuum flasks.

What should I do if my child will be absent from school (due to sickness/family problems/hospital appointment etc.)?

Please ring the school as soon as possible to let us know about your son/daughter’s absence. Please provide a note addressed to your child’s teacher upon his/her return. A note is required for our records. You could also email the office as both notification and written evidence. If your child has sickness and diarrhoea please keep them off school for 48 hours.

What time does school start?

School starts promptly at 8.55 am. The whistle is blown at this time and pupils are expected in school.

Who are “The Friends”?

Every parent who has a child at St. Francis is automatically a member of “The Friends”, but “Friends” can also be aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, school support staff, and people from the local community, you are represented by a committee, elected at the AGM.

Who do we contact if we have a problem?

In the first instance you should contact your class teacher but please be aware that the Headteacher is always available if necessary.