Welcome To Our Library

Our school library is a place where we promote reading for all our pupils. It is a place where they can independently and respectfully explore their interests in reading and research. All classes have access to the library and all children are given opportunities to use the library books, to develop the responsibilities of looking after books as well as learning to enjoy reading. The library is also supported by the community, by volunteers that help out with reading clubs and helping pupils with their individual reading. Our library is a great place that supports and encourages our pupils to read.

Miss Killackey

Literacy Co-ordinator

In our comfy library we have a big range of books, each class has a turn to go in the library to pick a book to take home. Our library contains Non-fiction and Fiction.

School Council

I like reading with my friends on the lovely world rug


I like reading with the reading teddies


I like sitting on the fluffy beanbags


The Library is fun because it has lots of interesting books


There is a place to relax on the beanbags


I really enjoy looking at the artwork


At the heart of the St Francis library is the Junior Librarian system, an online catalogue and dashboard that allows us to:

  • Create an engaging online library for pupils, staff and parents
  • Track reading progress and trends across the whole school
  • Embed the library into the teaching of ICT and literacy