We will always try to keep school open providing there are enough staff to safely supervise the children.  Some of the staff travel a considerable way to school and during bad weather will obviously face problems along the country roads they use.  They will always try to get into school if it is safe to do so.  If there is very heavy snow please follow the guidelines below.

Do not send children to school until you know it is open.  Please do not telephone the school until 7.45 am as we need to keep the lines open for teachers prior to that time.  Listen to local radio and look at the school website for emergency updates.  Local radio information is given out on Radio Kent (96.7 FM, 97.6 FM or 104.2 FM), Heart Radio (103.1 – 102.8 FM) and KMFM (105.6 FM).   If school has to be closed, the Headteacher will try to contact the radio stations so that this information is broadcast.  School would only be closed for health and safety reasons e.g. if there is insufficient or no heating, frozen toilets, or not enough staff to safely supervise the children.

In case we need to contact you during school time, please make sure you always notify the school office of any change of emergency contact numbers immediately.  Thank you.