The school was inspected in February 2016 and inspectors made the following comments about our school:


St Francis is an OUTSTANDING school


Outcomes for pupils
The extent to which pupils contribute to and benefit from the Catholic life of the school
Leaders and Managers
How well leaders, governors and managers promote, monitor and evaluate the provision for the Catholic life of the school and plan and implement improvement to outcomes for pupils
The quality of teaching and how purposeful learning is in Religious Education


St Francis school is outstanding at all levels. It is a model of inclusion…

The leadership of the Headteacher is outstanding…

The links with the parish are one of the many strengths of the school….

Pupils were able to articulate their awareness of and the value of prayer. It is a way of life for them.

Standards pupils achieve in Religious Education are very high and continue the upward trend of the last three years.

Leaders, governors and managers at all levels demonstrate a deep commitment to the Catholic Life of the school.

The quality of teaching is never less that good and is often outstanding.

The quality of Collective Worship provided by the school is outstanding. It is an integral part of everyday life and enhances and strengthens the spiritual and caring ethos of the school.

For further information please read our full report below:

Section 48 Inspection Report – February 2016