A reminder that our gates are now automated.

This week (4-7 September) the gates will remain open for drop off and collection, from next week we will use the times given below.

If you previously had access to the main gate or require access at the end of the day, please use the attached request form. This will need to be returned to the office by Thursday 6th September for access to continue.

Week commencing Monday 10th September;


Gates will open at 7.25am and close at 9.00am.


Pedestrian gate will open at 2.45 pm and the vehicle gates will remain closed. Arrangements will be made for access to the few vehicles that had a pass (disabled badge holders, childminder, exceptional circumstances) as before.

If entry is required when gates are closed, the intercom will need to be used. Unless urgent please arrange to see the school office before school or after 2.45 pm to allow the school day to run smoothly. Please be aware that no parking is available for collecting children at the end of the school day. Please plan ahead and arrange to park elsewhere or walk where possible.