At St Francis Catholic Primary School we take safeguarding extremely seriously, this includes online safety.  We live in an ever changing technological world where technology and the Internet is used extensively at home and also at school across all areas of the curriculum.  Online safeguarding, known as e-safety is an area that is constantly evolving.

e-Safety is embedded into our curriculum; our children are given advice and guidance by all staff.  Similarly all children are made aware how they can report areas of concern whilst at school or outside of school, what to do if they don’t feel comfortable about something they see on line and what to do if they feel bullied on line or see bullying taking place on line.

Parents and Carers

Parents play an important role in the development of their children and as such we want to work together to ensure you have the skills and knowledge you need to ensure the safety of children outside the school environment.

We have provided some useful internet (eSafety) information and links below.



The Digizen Family Agreement:

CHILDNET Leaflets in 12 different Languages


Popular Social Networking Sites and Games that your Child may be using

SnapChat  Instagram  WhatsApp  



Minimum age: 13  Minimum age: 13  Minimum age: 16  Minimum Age: 13  Minimum Age: 13
App that allows you to send a photo or video to friends instantly. Content only lasts as long as the creator wishes and will then delete itself. The user is notified if any recipient makes copies of content. A video and picture sharing app that allows people to post comments and share.  An app that uses the internet to send text and multimedia messages. Allows ‘group chats’ for more than one person. Often used to send media messages without incurring extra charges. Allows you to view, create and share videos. Encourages the user to ‘subscribe’ to other users’ content, known as ‘channels’. ‘Youtube kids’ is a child friendly version.  Social networking site that encourages the user to connect and share content with family and friends. Facebook accounts can be often used to sign up to other websites and online services.


Minecraft Pokemon Go


Miniclip Moviestarplanet
Minimum Age: None Minimum Age: 9 Minimum Age: 8 Minimum Age: 13 Minimum Age: 8
A computer game that allows the user to ‘mine’ materials and ‘craft’ objects. To access certain online social features for under 13’s parents must provide permission. A free-to-play, location-based game that combines GPS tracking with ‘augmented reality’ to allow the player to capture fictional animals in real life locations through their device’s screen. A website that allows the user to create their own games, share them with others and in turn play games that other users have created. A website that contains a large number of free to play games and allows users to send messages and comment on other users’ games. A website/game that allows you to create a famous movie star character that can interact with other users. You can play games and watch videos.

Useful Sites and Information relating to e-Safety.

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Children and Smartphones

Parents Guide To Technology

Learn how to set Parental Controls

Safety Features on Social Networks

Report Something you’ve seen online to CEOP

Free Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine Downloads.

Beginner’s Guide to the Internet from the BBC

Basic Computer Skills

Get Safe online, prevent against hacking, phishing and fraud.

Internet Glossary of Terms