Family Liaison Officer

My name is Sandy Corley and I am the Family Liaison Officer here at St. Francis Primary School.

My role with St. Francis School is to provide support, help, friendship and act as a link between families and school.

Sometimes families experience difficulties and feel unable to approach a teacher / school, or are just feeling a bit overwhelmed and low due to the stresses of everyday life.

Working in partnership with parents can reduce stress, build confidence and improve communication and understanding.  I am here to assist families to increase the awareness of children’s development, education and emotional needs.

I can, if required, also access all of the statutory outside agencies e.g.: health, social services, benefits, additional language support, medication etc. and I will be pleased to make the necessary enquiries for any family.  If I cannot get an answer, I will do my best to find someone who can.  Any family information that is discussed with me will be treated with the utmost confidence and respect.

Please feel free to approach me and I will do my best to accommodate as many parents as possible.  Appointments can also be made either by coming into the school and asking for me or contacting me by email.